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Blue Hair Bands – Glitterball Blue Tones

Blue hair bands that are soft, stretchy and don’t rip or break make these premium quality hair bands from Popband essential accessories for girls of all ages. What’s super cool is wearing on your wrist when you want to let your down!

Colours in this blue hair bands set:

  • pale blue

  • blue glitter

  • royal blue

Popbands are so soft that letting your hair down is fuss free as they don’t create a big ‘dent’ in your hair. There’s a whole range of colours available from understated elegance, neon bright to winter berries, dark blues and blacks so you can look cool at school, prom or home. Kind on your hair, cute on your wrist. You’ll never look at your old bobbles or scrunchies in the same way again!

Our Verdict

A must-have accessory.  They don’t break and although stretchy hold your hair firmly in place. Fabulous colours and the added jewell in the premium range just made us fall in love with them all the more.

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Other gorgeous hair band sets in this jewelled range include butterflysuperstar and true love.  A double pink set named Birthday Girl makes a lovely addition to birthday gift for a girl.

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3 Pack

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