Reef Fish Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle


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Colourful fish wooden jigsaw – where all the pieces are different shapes.

This unique 64 piece, 2 layer fish wooden jigsaw has incredible detail and brilliant colour. This hand finished mosaic puzzle features a Clown fish, a Regal Angel fish, a Clown Trigger, and a Banner fish. This puzzle is inspired by the Great Barrier Reef.

All the pieces are different shapes and sizes so will keep all the family busy for hours! We think this is an absolutely brilliant puzzle – and we are picky!

Kent Artist Melanie Ann Juliette, paints and designs the artwork in her studio and takes inspiration from her travels and love of nature. Designed in Great Britain. Colour tone may vary due to natural wood and colour dyes. Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Compliant with ISO8124 and EN71.Other 2 – 4 layer jigsaw puzzles in this range include the Comet Moth Life Cycle Wooden Puzzle and the Dolphin Wooden Mosaic Puzzle.

Size Guide

Pieces: 64, Layers: 2

30cm x 22cm x 1.2cm

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