Party Ideas for Girls

Party Ideas for Girls

Looking for Party Ideas for Girls – not sure whether to stay at home, hire a venue or commission a party planner?

We, at Gifts For A Girl, hope to give you the low down on birthday party options. When my children were pre-schoolers I preferred having a party at home – it’s easy to get food sorted whether it’s a hot dog or sandwiches with cupcakes – and let’s face it with multiple tommie tippees, melamine plates and a big carton of wipes on hand I had everything I needed at home. But as they went to school, there was a higher expectation and excitement about their birthday parties and who they would invite.

Here’s a few ideas of different party themes and formats to help you on your way to a stress free celebration.

At Home Party Ideas

The following themed parties can take place at home or at a hired venue. The standard party games such as pass the parcel, musical bumps etc. can be part of this event.

Tea Party

A tea party can easily be achieved at home. A quintessential tea party has bunting, doilies, china cups and saucers and pretty food. Children can be encouraged to wear party dresses. You can also theme these days around their favourite character such as Peter Rabbit.

Bouncy Castle

If you are having a Summer party and have a garden or outdoor space, a bouncy castle is always popular. Although I would keep numbers to a reasonable level as too many on the bouncy castle can cause injury. Also it does need monitoring to kerb overenthusiastic bouncing.

Fancy Dress Party

You might have Paw Patrol fans or Mermaid or Pirate enthusiasts. Whatever your theme, you can ask everyone to come in a costume. Decorations can be themed too along with the party food. Other themes include:

  • Princesses
  • Super Heroes
  • Fairies
  • Disco
  • Bollywood
  • Choose a Colour Theme – Everyone comes in something Blue, Purple etc..

party ideas for girls - princess - keisha-montfleury-672620-unsplash
Party Ideas for Girls – Dressing Up Party

Spa Party

Nail varnish, make up, hair curlers – a go! For younger children, I’ve used the peel on nail stickers instead of varnish. You can also buy water based nail varnish that doesn’t contain toxic ingredients.  If you have a swimming pool all the better. Another option would be to go to a hotel or spa with a pool.

Art Party

I opted for Art Parties a lot in the early days, perhaps because I was more comfortable to sticking and glueing mountains of glitter to cards than other options. You can either print colouring sheets from the internet or let children create their own masterpieces. Use paint, crayons, glitter, felt pans or sewing kits depending on the children’s abilities. A pot of goggly eyes is always popular too.

Hire an Entertainer or Magician

Having a party at home but getting someone else to do the entertaining can be a good idea. Get recommendations from friends or family so you feel less worried about how successful your party will be.


Party Ideas at Other Venues

The parties listed below take place at a specific venue and they are absolutely marvellous if you’re nervous about occupying a group of children for a couple of hours on your own.

Glow in the Dark Party

This Glow in the Dark party theme by Music and Mayhem is awesome. If you want a cool on trend party theme look no further.

Horse-Riding Party

There’s horse riding centres across the country that provide a hack or party session under cover. These can be great fun for children and an ideal opportunity to try a new activity for those new to riding.

Disco or DJ

A good old fashioned disco is what I had when growing up and music can provide a great party atmosphere whether it’s in your lounge or in the local village hall. With a few balloons and games added in, it can keep children occupied for a good hour or two. Even better hire a DJ who has experience keeping the party going.

Gymnastics or Street Dance Party

If your child already goes to a gymnastic club or street dance class, enquire as to whether they provide a party style event.

Outdoor Adventure

There’s lots of outdoor adventure centres which provide gorge walking, via ferrata high wire courses, biking or canoeing activities for children. Some like How Stean Gorge have instructors with head cams that actually record your child’s party as a memento. Forest School is a popular after school activity, it could also be a fabulous format for a party in the Summer or Winter, Day or Evening.

Pottery Painting or Cooking Classes

There’s quite a few places around the country that offer pottery painting parties or cooking lessons for children. Even if they don’t have facilities to provide food, they are usually near a restaurant or eatery for you to follow up after the party with a pizza and cake.

Watching A Film at the Cinema

Whether you visit the Everyman, Odeon or Showcase Cinemas, it’s a sure way of entertaining a group of friends for a couple of hours.

A Day at the Seaside

During the Summer Months, the seaside is a great place for a party. Particularly if you can have a BBQ on the beach.

party ideas for girls - a day at the seaside - limor-zellermayer-1147442-unsplash
Party Ideas for Girls – A Day at the Seaside


Party Planners and Organisers

Here’s a list of party planners and organisers:

Northern England Party Planners

Music and Meyhem


Southern England Party Planners

Dazzle and Fizz

Buttons Childrens Parties